Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

126 Concrobium Mold Stain Remover

The unique solution quickly and easily removes the toughest mold stains on a range of surfaces, and is the ideal choice for professional mold remediators. This product requires no scrubbing: just wet the surface and allow to dry!

Mold Infested Refrigerator

While most molds prefer warmer temperatures, they can also grow at refrigerator temperatures, too. The mold ended up spreading on to the fridge its self due to molded meat inside.

Window Sill Mold Growth

Here is a photo of mold growth on the window sill of an apartment in New York City. Present moisture and humid climate was the cause of this mold growth.

Mold Damage

The above picture shows visible mold. This was the outcome of not properly restoring the damages from a pipe burst (water damage). By not drying out the effected property, it can lead to mold growth.


This product is ideal for disinfecting any hard, non-porous surface such as contaminated water damaged construction materials. It also controls and inhibits odor causing water-born bacteria, mold & other odor causing organisms on a variety of porous and semi-porous materials including: wood studding, subfloors, trim, lumber, tack strips, concrete and paneling. Also suitable for deodorizing such surfaces as carpeting, carpet under-pad and other semi-porous furnishings.

Company Van

Here at SERVPRO of South Bronx, we use a Dodge Ford RAM ProMaster as the company van to get from one jobsite to another. This vehicle holds up to 3 passengers and about 25 pieces of equipment.