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SERVPRO Provides Full-Service Cleanup, Restoration, and Build Backs for Damaged Bronx Structures

1/21/2020 (Permalink)

Cartoon images of houses affected by hurricanes, floods, and fires When Your Bronx Property Damage Is the Result of Natural or Accidental Mishaps or Catastrophe--SERVPRO Says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster!

Bronx Property Restoration from Mold, Fire, Water, and Storms!

We believe that there is never too much that we can do for our customers, and because we strive to offer every new and loyal client the most efficient and cost-effective service, we have more in-house offerings than you are likely to find elsewhere. Because so many disasters that strike homes and apartments in the Bronx are destructive, having an on-staff team of licensed (2077660-DCA) general contractors can ensure that we are doing the absolute most to keep costs low and get your property back to preloss condition promptly. In addition to our effective strategies for water, fire, mold, storm, flood, and biohazard threats, we also are endorsed as EPA Lead-Safe Contractors, Consumer Affairs Home Improvement Contractors, and mold abatement and subrogation.
Water loss incidents can be stressful enough without the headache of trying to do all the work yourself. While many of our neighbors here in the Bronx are adamant about handling their problems themselves, it can often lead to worsening conditions when the water does not get entirely dried and the damage not fully diagnosed or corrected. By choosing our SERVPRO restoration services, you are giving your property the advantage of relative humidity meters and infrared cameras that can detect lingering moisture pockets to ensure the property gets sufficiently dry.
Considerable water losses require extraction before much else can happen. With this threat, sometimes leaving several inches or more of standing water in the lower levels of your Bronx residence, you can benefit from the vast array of fast extraction tools that we have in our inventory of recovery equipment. From light wands that address confined spaces and smaller volumes of water to our high-capacity extractor truck in the Green Fleet – we have the tools to handle the threat.
Drying your home or business is the utmost priority of our professionals beginning as soon as we arrive; the faster that we can get our air movers and desiccants working on your Bronx property, the less migration for water losses our professionals must face. Our prompt deployment of these machines can reduce the need for tear-out and reconstruction for your home following water emergencies.
 After a fire occurs in the apartments or homes in the Bronx, you want to secure professional restoration to arrive as soon as the first responders and firefighters have left the scene. With our honest and dependable team of recovery specialists accredited in both Fire & Smoke Restoration (FRST) and Odor Control (OCT) through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we have the right professionals ready 24/7 to help. We can work around the clock to get your residence back to its original condition.
Smoke and soot residues can be among the most challenging aspects to contend with when structure fires occur, and this outcome can damage both the contents of your Bronx residence and the building itself. With the acidic nature of soot residue and its likelihood of staining with prolonged exposure, you need a team of professionals that know how to address this threat. We have chemical sponges, potent cleaning agents, and content management strategies off-site to clean and restore damaged materials and belongings.
The restoration services that we provide after a fire can exceed what many other competitors can offer because we have a full team of licensed contractors to help. From the earliest stages with debris removal and structural assessment through controlled demolition and full-scale reconstruction, having a comprehensive approach in-house saves our Bronx customers time and money on the work their properties need.
One of the most underappreciated threats over the years is mold and microbial growth. Because of how out of control the situation has become in our area, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) started to issue violations for Bronx property owners. Once you receive one of these notices, you must have licensed, and certified professionals perform mold remediation in your house or property to get back in compliance. Our mold remediators (Mold Remediation Contractor License #: 01295) get licensed through the New York State Department of Labor.
It is not difficult for properties, especially those with darker underground levels, to experience the conditions necessary to facilitate mold growth. Higher humidity is a common element to the environment throughout the year, especially with our proximity to large bodies of water. If we can get to a budding situation before it spreads throughout a Bronx home or apartment complex, our SERVPRO team can often limit the potential disaster with the use of mold inhibiting antimicrobial sprays.
We understand how stressful the discovery of mold can be for Bronx home and business owners, so we work tirelessly to dry out the affected areas and install lasting solutions to reduce moisture penetration. These long-term solutions can help our customers avoid costly recurrences in the immediate future.
Because of our position, we have a prime location to face some of the worst storms to hit the northern region of the east coast. While many of our buildings have stood the test of time, standing even before the turn of the 20th century, structural damage is still a common occurrence that results from violent weather or severe storms. The faster that professionals can address these threats to Bronx properties, the less costly and damaging they become.
With an in-house team of contractors, our SERVPRO team has a unique position in both beginning vital mitigation efforts within the property as well as working to install temporary emergency construction solutions to exterior breaches. Our team can install roof tarping, board-up windows, and other openings, set up temporary fencing, and even remove trees from on or near your Bronx home.
With flooding in the Bronx being such a common incident with structural breaches and heavy rainfall or runoff, our team arrives with the full inventory of our extraction and drying equipment to begin protecting property and reducing the severity of its damage with our initial visit. No matter how severe flooding might be to your Bronx property, our technicians can make it “Like it never even happened.”
You might have several choices in professional restoration, but our SERVPRO of South Bronx team can get there quickly. We have local roots that help us care about your property as much as you do. Contact us anytime at (347) 590-9902.

Water Damage Bronx – Why Acting Quickly Is Important

1/21/2020 (Permalink)

A man sitting on a couch in standing water. For help with your Bronx water damage, call SERVPRO today! We want to be there for every inch of water.

Water damage to your Bronx home will need help, let us show you.

Most consumers understand that removing standing water as soon as possible is essential. Many do not understand that materials that absorb water quickly must be dried before moisture is allowed to cause secondary damage to other areas. What is secondary damage?

SERVPRO trains our employees to respond and take action fast so that water damage to homes in the Bronx do not experience what is known as secondary damage. Some materials were not exposed directly to water, and can absorb moisture in high humidity situations. Materials such as ceiling tiles may crumble, wallpaper glue can soften, and the wallpaper falls away from the wall. Mold and mildew can begin to grow as well.

Minimizing Secondary Damage

All surface water should be removed immediately, either by pumps, mops, or water extraction vacuums, depending on the situation. Water extractors can remove moisture from carpets and underpadding. However, these materials are still wet and contain a great deal of moisture. A combination of air movers and dehumidifiers must be installed to remove the remaining moisture and lower the humidity to normal levels within the home.

Delays of even a few days can damage wallpaper, ceiling tiles, and even hardwood floors. The finish on a hardwood floor acts as a barrier. However, once moisture penetrates between the boards to unfinished areas, the wood can absorb this moisture and begin to swell. Hardwood floors can crack or start to rise at the edges, commonly known as cupping. Once the wood has absorbed the moisture, it can be challenging to remove it.

Any delay in taking action to remove moisture can cause a great deal of secondary damage. Once mildew and mold infestations occur, the health of the occupants in the home can also be affected. SERVPRO can work with homeowners to help counter the possibility of secondary damage and minimize the amount of damage.

Call SERVPRO of South Bronx at (347) 590-9902 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Locust Point, Mott Haven, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Saving Your Bronx Business From Mold

1/9/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall Partner with SERVPRO of South Bronx when mold damage puts your business at risk.

Saving Business Reputations One Mold Remediation at a Time in the Bronx

Most people recoil immediately when confronted with mold, which is the last reaction you want from visitors to your Bronx business. Inspectors are always on the lookout for microbial infestations. Other reasons for acting swiftly when mold growth is evident are the well-being of your customers and employees and the soundness of the building materials in your shop, offices, or dining establishment. Our certified crews act fast when you need mold remediation in any area of the borough (License #01295).

Mold Exposes Structures and Individuals to Risks
The sight or smell of commercial mold damage in the Bronx can damage the reputation of your business. A mold violation from health officials or building inspectors can close you down temporarily, concerning your customers and encouraging them to look elsewhere for goods, services, or their next meal. Studies show that even a brief closure can undermine your brand. Our ability to isolate the mold outbreak during remediation often permits you to remain open to meet your base’s needs.

Containment Is the Key
SERVPRO mold remediators scope out the mold-affected space. We must make sure that the necessary equipment and workers fit inside the remediation containment area planned. All openings between the remediation workspace, including windows, doorways, elevator openings, corridor entrances, ventilation openings, drains, ducts, grilles, grates, diffusers, skylights, and more require an airtight seal using 6-mil polyethylene, taped or stapled tightly. Any cracks or holes in cabinets, shelving, and other structures and fixtures must be secured completely. Negative pressure air scrubbing machines ensure the seal and vent airborne contaminants to the outside.

Training Takes Over
Our remediation crews are highly-qualified, ready to begin removing mold from both solid and porous surfaces immediately after containment completes. Mechanical removal is most efficient, scraping, and brushing off the organisms before double-bagging for appropriate disposal. Porous materials like insulation usually need removal and disposal as the mold infiltrates them extensively. SERVPRO crews can deliver excellent results for semi-porous surfaces like wood with soda and dry ice blasting. The HEPA filters on the air scrubbers and vacuums remove excess spores and debris from the air and surfaces left as residues after removal methods.

Partner with SERVPRO of South Bronx when mold damage puts your business at risk. Call (347) 590-9902 for a skilled team of licensed remediators to evaluate your commercial space and plan for swift abatement.

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Our Certified Experts Respond Quickly To Resolve Mold Damage Issues In The Bronx

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Two bottles of 126 Concrobium Mold Stain Remover We have access to this unique solution that quickly and easily removes the toughest mold stains on a range of surfaces.

Skilled Handling of Commercial Mold Damage Helps Save Bronx Apartment

Mold can develop any time there is excess moisture in a building that goes unchecked for some time. Simple oversights such as turning off the heat when the property is unoccupied can worsen the situation. For an apartment unit in the Bronx, a leak in a water heater that went unnoticed for over a week led to widespread mold development, necessitating the input of commercial mold damage professionals. We are a licensed mold remediation contractor, License #: 01295.

Unlike other commercial mold damage incidents in the Bronx, which are localized in a particular section within a unit, the combined factors of abundant moisture in the air, and extended exposure spanning a couple of days spread the mold growth almost over the entire property. Our SERVPRO technicians noticed mold on the wall surfaces and behind the wall. The porous nature of drywall meant that even a thorough cleaning and application of antimicrobial agents could not guarantee the elimination of mold colonies from the drywall. As a licensed general contractor, license number #: 2077660-DCA, we had no problem tearing down the affected areas to remove mold.

Apart from the walls, other sections of the property, such as the floors, were also affected. Pulling up the carpet revealed the leaking water soaked everything, including the pad. Our SERVPRO team opted to remove the different assemblies in the house, including the carpet, pad, and cabinets for better access to the black mold. It also created access for dehumidifiers and other equipment to dry the main structural parts.

Mold colonies leave various residues on the surfaces they affect. Cleaning such residues and killing spores is one way to stop immediate recurrence. Our team used a HEPA vacuum to remove debris from the walls, ceiling, and floors. We then applied an antimicrobial sealer to all surfaces, including structural supports such as studs, to help destroy all microbes that developed from exposure of organic materials to moisture because of mold damage. After that, we could reinstall panels and refinish the apartment unit, eliminating signs of mold infestation, "Like it never even happened."

Mold can turn into a nagging issue if left unaddressed. Call SERVPRO of South Bronx at (347) 590-9902 to help. We are available 24/7.

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Our Experts Discuss How To Prevent Flooding Issues In Your Bronx Home

12/15/2019 (Permalink)

flooding caused by a storm When faced with a flood damage disaster, SERVPRO of South Bronx can handle the problem.

Prompt Flood Damage Restoration in your Bronx Home Can Prevent Many Issues

Flooding may occur quickly in the Bronx after a torrential downpour. Apart from making it more difficult for commuters to get to their destination, flooding can also affect homes. As soon as flood damage occurs in your residence, it is essential to look for professional help. Restoration professionals can help prevent further damage in your home.

Flood damage in your Bronx residence can cause health issues. Humidity and dampness promote the growth of mold. Floodwater can bring in sewage and other contaminants into your home.  Although the pollutants may be diluted, you need to take some precautions. Some of the things you can do after your house has flooded include:

    •    Inform your insurance company about the loss and make a list of ruined items.
    •    Remove fittings and soft furnishings that are ruined beyond repair.
    •    Place contaminated food in plastic refuse sacks and seal them. Put them into a dumpster or wait to put them out when the next refuse collection is due.
    •    Wash taps before using them.
    •    Look out for structural damage to your home. If there is danger or damage, seek advice from a builder and your insurance firm.
    •    Remove silt and dirty water from your home using a pump.

When a house floods, the structures and contents can get affected. Removing the water and drying your home quickly can help prevent issues like:

    •    Wallboard disintegration
    •    Twisting of support columns
    •    Warping or rotting of wood
    •    Collapsing of stairs
    •    Bulging of the ceiling
    •    Peeling off of wall paint
    •    Lifting of floor tiles

Floodwater in a home can also cause the electrical system to malfunction leading to short-circuiting, causing fires. Our certified SERVPRO technicians can help in removing the floodwater.  We have different types of water extractors that can remove the water. Our crew can also use pressure washers to remove mud or muck of the exterior parts of your home. Sometimes, the force of high-pressure water cannot break the bond of the dirt to the surface. In such a case, our crew can add detergents or other cleaning agents to the water in the pressure washer to improve the cleaning power of this equipment.

It is also necessary to clean and sanitize the hard surfaces in your home thoroughly. Our SERVPRO crew can clean and disinfect the affected items and dispose of the ones that cannot be salvaged. Identifying and removing excess moisture is also vital. Our team can use moisture meters and infrared cameras to identify all the areas with moisture. We can remove it using air movers and dehumidifiers. Our team can also repair structural damage that the flooding may have caused.

When faced with a flood damage disaster, SERVPRO of South Bronx can handle the problem. Contact us 24/7 at (347) 590-9902 for fast and effective restoration. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Why Calling a Certified Mold Damage Remediation Company in the Bronx is Key to Success

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

mold damaged wall Don't let a mold infestation frighten you! Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

Mold Damage Pushes Panic Buttons in the Bronx -- Why SERVPRO Stays Up to Date on Remediation Strategies

Perhaps no other household mishap worries residents of the Bronx more than mold growth. Dealing with the rapidly multiplying organisms can feel overwhelming, and fears, deserved or not, of health concerns are why we pledge to be available to homeowners with mold questions as soon as practical. We adhere to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols when remediating mold infestations, following research-based strategies that remove the current mold growth and limit a rebound effect.

Moisture Management is the Key to Mold Abatement

Mold damage in the Bronx as everywhere requires a water source to feed the fungi. Mold spores are everywhere, settled on surfaces, nestled into cracks, seams, and crevices, and floating in the air. Only when a spore absorbs water does the life cycle begin, within 24 to 48 hours after a spill or leak goes unaddressed. The spore-mold growth connection is why we seek out an unresolved water loss or even high humidity levels in your home before removing the colonies. If we do not help you resolve the water issue, mold growth recurs.

Containment Protects Occupants and Prevents Drift

Spores are tiny, actually invisible to the naked eye. Large quantities of spores are produced as colonies grow, and they expose susceptible individuals to irritation and allergic reactions. They also are the genesis of new colonies if they move on air currents and find additional moisture. Limiting both of these undesirable outcomes is why SERVPRO creates containment partitions before proceeding to the removal of moldy materials. Heavy plastic taped to doorways prevents drift, and the use of negative pressure air scrubbers seals the edges for the duration of the remediation. HEPA filters capture airborne spores and debris, and contaminated air vents outside. Our technicians don personal protective equipment (PPE) for safety and to minimize tracking mold debris through your home.

Mechanical Removal Techniques

Mere broadcast spraying of disinfectants is inadequate as a complete mold remediation method. Brushing and scraping mold colonies off solid surfaces is the preferred and best practice. Porous materials are sometimes irreparably damaged and must be discarded as hazardous waste. Innovations in mold remediation are a reason why SERVPRO sends our technicians to continuing certification. We offer licensed technicians as indicated by these: General Contractor License #: 2077660-DCA and Mold Remediation Contractor License #: 01295. We have succeeded in saving some porous materials through the use of gentle abrasive techniques like soda blasting, removing surface growth, and incapacitating the hyphae or roots of the organisms.

Training, experience, and the right equipment are why SERVPRO of South Bronx consistently remediates mold damage. At the first hint of mold growth, call (347) 590-9902 for assistance.

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We Have The Skills And Experience Necessary In The South Bronx After A Fire

11/19/2019 (Permalink)

A huge fire in a kitchen with flames The most common type of kitchen fire is due to grease and can spread quickly, call our experts right away to begin restoration.

Deodorization Basics after Fire Damage in the Bronx

Working with residential customers in the Bronx to eliminate malodors after a fire is a process. No one solution helps in every case because the conditions during and after your fire are unique. Also, we know each person living in the spaces that suffered fire damage perceive odors differently. Responding to concerns about unpleasant smells lingering after we clean up the charring and soot residues is a fluid and dynamic procedure. Our team relies on a combination of deep cleaning and the use of innovative equipment and products to achieve success.

Odor Detection Is Not Objective

Odors resulting from fire damage in your Bronx brownstone or coop are impossible to discern using testing or sampling tools. Our technicians use a range of detection tools to measure moisture content, discover hidden water, and monitor for fungal growth. Similar supports are unavailable when attempting to locate, quantify, and qualify bad smells. 

Odor Elimination Follows a Basic Deodorization Protocol

Despite the quirky nature of odors and individual perception, SERVPRO has deodorization success when we follow four basic odor-banishing procedures. The quartet of odor banishers includes:

  • Removal of the odor source and debris
  • Deep cleaning of odor-producing residues
  • Recreation of odor-causing conditions
  • Sealing surfaces persistently emitting odors

Debris Removal and Deep Cleaning 

The first attempts at odor elimination trace the same trajectory SERVPRO uses for the fundamental fire damage cleanup process inside your home. Our technicians clear away the burned debris and use research-based cleaning methodologies to dissolve and lift away fire residues. We often add air scrubbing technology during the deep cleaning phase to capture any airborne soot, another efficient way to rid the space of the fire stench. 

Innovations to Recreate and Target the Odor-Bearing Particles

If the mechanical methods of cleanup and disposal are inadequate to deodorize the space thoroughly, SERVPRO technicians turn to a range of technological advances. Thermal fogging employs a heated chamber to combust deodorizing components that then “pair” with and neutralize the odor-bearing particles during application. Ozone generators emit unstable oxygen molecules, featuring a third oxygen atom that combines with the odiferous soot bits, destroying the odor through this oxidation process. Hydroxyl generators emit molecules of HO•, deodorizing by breaking down the chemical bonds of the bad-smelling particles.

Sealing as a Strategy

Some porous materials hold tight to odors. Wood framing and trim are examples of structural components that are not easily deodorized and costly and impractical to replace. SERVPRO technicians apply sealing agents to contain the odor inside the structure. Another circumstance where sealing can eliminate persistent odors inside HVAC ductwork. Tight quarters and hard to reach recesses might benefit from a sealing spray application. 

Removing odors post-fire damage requires the skills and experience of trained SERVPRO of South Bronx technicians. Call us at (347) 590-9902 for a consultation about our methods and the technology we use to make the malodor “Like it never even happened.”

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How SERVPRO Removes Smoke Odors From Bronx Apartments

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

smoke filling area around smoke detector Unfortunately fires happen. SERVPRO of South Bronx has the know-how to remove smoke odors from your apartment. Call us today!

Deodorization Options for Smaller Properties in the Bronx 

Apartments are a typical residential property throughout the Bronx borough. As such, our restoration and recovery tactics needed to fit into this smaller area with the same level of efficiency. After a fire occurs, there can be many damaging effects that must get addressed. Yet, often, one of the most challenging lingering concerns is a smoke smell that can infiltrate the entire floor layout, even getting into wall cavities to affect your immediate neighbors. 

While we have several choices for effective deodorization after a fire in a Bronx apt, several of these options are most efficient in larger square footages. When it comes to the more concise available space in many apartments in the region, it has become customary for our SERVPRO team to choose more direct routes for neutralizing lingering odors in the unit, such as our thermal and UV foggers. 

Thermal foggers play a significant role in reducing harsh and noxious odors following fires in your apartment. Regardless of how the disaster started, there is often a clear origin point where the highest concentration of damage and circulating effects exists. This area is also where odors can be the strongest. 

Controlled demolition is a practical first step in notably reducing smoke and other odors after extinguishing a fire. Because partial combustion and charred materials play a vital role in amplifying the overwhelming scents, removing these damaged elements can limit how powerful lingering smoke effects can be. We have a division of qualified general contractors licensed (#2077660-DCA) through the state of New York. Their experience ensures that only overly damaged materials get removed to keep costs as low as possible for our customers. 

Eliminating smoke odors falls to the capable equipment we bring to fire loss recoveries like our thermal foggers. These units quickly heat deodorization agents to a vapor fog and disperse it through the immediate space around the device and the technician moving through the apartment. Because of its aerosolized delivery, it can better penetrate softer materials like clothing, upholstery, carpeting, and other damaged areas of your apartment. 

Deodorization is a standard need for every apartment after a fire loss. Let our SERVPRO of South Bronx team show you how we can make it “Like it never even happened.” Contact us today at (347) 590-9902. 

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Basement Flood Damage Cleanup in Locust Point

11/17/2019 (Permalink)

Wood flooring with standing water under a couch, next to a set of windows. SERVPRO wants to be the professionals that takes the load off of your Locust Point flood damage.

Let SERVPRO help with your Locust Point flood clean up.

While flood damage can be quite a problem in New York, residents can be shocked at the costs the come after flood-related disasters. Without adequate cleanup and mitigation, mold, structural damage, and foul odors can compromise the comfort and livability of structure. 

If you have flood damage in your Locust Point home, the crew at SERVPRO is only a phone call away from providing their services to you. No matter the extent of damage or the time of day, you can get service that restores your home to a preloss condition. SERVPRO also offers general contracting services (License #2077660-DCA) as well as mold remediation (License #01295) to aid you in the restoration process as needed.

Tips for Filing Your Flood Claim

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of New York flooding or new to the area, here are some helpful tips for filing a flood claim for your residence: 

  • Know your evacuation plan. Keep track of local evacuation routes and have an emergency contact ready if you need to vacate your area. Make sure you can get to higher ground if transportation is compromised.
  • Prep your home. Keep essential items on a second floor or other elevated areas to minimize risk, especially for basement items. Use sandbags to divert and dam water. 
  • Take inventory of losses. Keep track of damaged personal belongings with photos, detailed descriptions, serial numbers, and other identifying information. Keep receipts and other proofs of purchase. Specificity is critical for filing your claim.
  • Shut off utilities. Turn of gas, water, and electricity to maximize your home's safety a flood. Know where you can shut off these systems in a pinch.
  • File a claim ASAP. Call your insurer and file a claim as soon as possible. Most policies require reporting flood claims within a specific time frame after loss, so it is prudent to act fast.

How SERVPRO Can Help

SERVPRO offers cutting-edge, effective mitigation tools and techniques to combat flooding. Deodorizing equipment, for example, can eliminate odor-causing particles and clean the air in conjunction with EPA-registered disinfectants. Ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging is one method of deodorization that can utilize either water- or solvent-based deodorizers to remove foul odors from your home. This fog saturates surfaces vulnerable to odor in a similar manner to how moist air saturates surfaces.  

SERVPRO of South Bronx is a team that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (347) 590-9902 today for swift, reliable cleanup.

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We Can Save Your Flood Damage Bronx Basement

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

flooding in basement after flood Give us a call anytime at (347) 590-9902.

Restoring Natural Flooding in Bronx Basement Apartments

The flow of water after hard rains is the job of many sanitary workers, and when things work as they should, runoff and even rushing water can stay out of Bronx homes and apartments. Catch basins and storm drains work by directing the flow of water toward these receptacles to ultimately keep them off the roadways, sidewalks, and residences. Basement apartments are particularly susceptible when these designed diversion techniques and collection areas fail.

After a hard rain, residents throughout the borough might be closer to flood damage in Bronx basement apartments than they realize. Storm drains lining the edges of the roadways are only useful when they are entirely open, and in autumn, debris like falling leaves can clog in the grating of these openings, leaving them unable to take on the normal flow of water they originally got designed to address. The result is water pooling and running over the sidewalk – right down to the front of your apartment beneath the street level.

Depending on the longevity of the storm system and the severity of the water flow missing collection by the catch basin or storm sewer, a substantial volume of water can continually threaten your basement apartment. With the door being usually several feet below street level, water can pool in the cavity of the building and the sidewalk until it has an avenue to penetrate the building and flood the apartment. Our SERVPRO professionals have a 24/7 response to water loss emergencies to help.

Our experts strive to provide the most efficient and cost-effective flood recovery, especially in situations where residents contend with several inches – or even feet – of standing water. We have premier extraction tools to clear out the excess, including sump pumps, trash pumps, and our mounted truck extractors. The objective is to reach the point in which our SERVPRO team can begin our necessary drying efforts to protect your installed structural elements and other areas of the building as much as possible.

Addressing flooding in your basement apartment is more common than many property owners might think. Our SERVPRO of South Bronx storm response team stays ready and prepared to mobilize at a moment’s notice to help. Give us a call anytime at (347) 590-9902.

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