Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Restoration Service

Here at SERVPRO of South Bronx, we take pride in servicing commercial businesses. We handle all damages big or small. Our professionals work promptly as we do not want to interrupt business production.

204 Glass Cleaner, Super Concentrated

(#204) Glass Cleaner, Super Concentrate is the most economical choice of glass cleaners we offer. For normal use mix 3 cups of Glass Cleaner, Super Concentrated with water to make one gallon and apply with a spray bottle and squeegee in an “S” shape. Then squeegee the edges to get the best results. We highly recommend this product when working for commercial businesses for floor to ceiling windows, glass doors and bathroom mirrors. This product is also great for general cleaning.

Commercial Restoration

Unfortunately, this commercial building had a leakage that effected the walls. SERVPRO of South Bronx stepped in and used the Stackable Cam Pro Air Mover 803 to dry out all wet walls.

Commercial Rain Flood

An local H&R Block office in the Bronx had a flood in their basement. This was caused by the rain that accrued that morning. The rain was able to get in through a crack on the wall.

Commercial Property Water Damage

This business office in New York City had a water leak that effected the ceiling. The water was able to get in from the roof. Due to lack of attention, the effected ceiling grew mold.

Rover HVE 856

The Rover HVE is a high-volume extractor for commercial use in water damage and flood damage restoration. It maximizes water removal from all kind of carpet to facilitate faster drying.