Recent Before & After Photos

Toilet Back-up In Bronx, NY Pre-K School

This water damage in The Bronx was the outcome of a toilet back-up. Notice the extent of the water damages; the water effected contents such as the carpet and w... READ MORE

Carpet Water Damage in New Rochelle, NY

This water damaged carpet was located in New Rochelle, NY. The cause of this wet carpet was a broken pipe. SERVPRO of South Bronx started the restoration p... READ MORE

Fire Soot Removal

The before picture shows a wooden armoire that was effected in a fire in Yonkers, New York. SERVPRO professionals used the Dry Cleaning Sponge to whip down the ... READ MORE

Flooded Toilet in Bronx, NY

The before photo was the result of an over-flooded toilet in The Bronx, NY. The cause of the flood was due to a clogged pipe in the main lines. SERVPRO South Br... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Toyota Dealership in Bronx, NY

The before picture shows fire damage in a Toyota dealership in The Bronx, NY. A car that was caught on fire was the cause of these damages due to old electrical... READ MORE

General Cleaning in Bronx, NY

The before picture shows a rusted bathroom that hadn't been cleaned in over 20 years in The Bronx, NY. Notice how there is chipped paint on the wall as wel... READ MORE

Sewage Backup In Astoria, NY

The photos show the aftermath of a sewage back up in Astoria, NY. This was caused by a broken pipe. The water was about six inches deep and flooded the whole ho... READ MORE

Mold On Air Conditioner Condenser in Bronx, NY

This is mold on a air conditioner condenser in a basement in The Bronx. The mold growth was caused by condensation and was growing for ... READ MORE

Basement Sewage Backup and Mold in Bronx, NY

The damage to this property was caused by an sewage backup in a basement in The Bronx. This property also contained mold on the ceiling. The backed up... READ MORE