Storm Damage Photo Gallery


Rainstorms consist of heavy rain and usually with a high speed of wind. These type of storms can cause major damages and flooding to ones home or business. Give SERVPRO of South Bronx a call when a storm like this hits!!


Storms are no one's friend. They come unexpectedly and most of the time come to destroy everything in its path. They pass through and leave disaster wherever they hit.

Kitchen Storm Damage

This kitchen was effected by a storm in Queens, NY. The storm damaged the roof that led to the kitchen ceiling, causing all dry wall and installation to fall out. This storm also effected contents in the kitchen.

Storm Damage In A Basement

This is an after photo of a damaged basement due to a bad storm in N.Y. The storm effected all contents as well as the walls, ceiling and floor.

Garage Storm Damage

This photo shows an 2 ft. deep flood in a garage caused by a heavy storm in New York. Most of the water came from a near by lake. The water was contaminated and therefore needed to be extract immediately.  

Living-room Ceiling Storm Damage

The cause of these damages were due to inclement weather (rain storm). The ceiling absorbed an significant amount of water. It is important to take immediate action in a situation like this to avoid mold growth.