Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Problem in the Bronx

The water leak damaged this laminated flooring in a Bronx condo. Our team of SERVPRO techs can remove the water and along with some of the non-salvageable floor boards. An air mover is drying out the area as we do save the subfloor from demolition and removal.

257S Brown Out & 259S Brown Out Booster Product

(#257S) Brown Out is for removing brown stains due to extreme water saturation and/or slow drying. Brown Out Booster works by increasing the amount of time (#257S) Brown Out remains active by lowering the pH of the active solution. When using during the cleaning process, simply dry mix 2 ounces of Brown Out Booster with 2 ounces of Brown Out and dissolve this mixture into one gallon of ready-to-use cleaning solution. The Brown Out products are not recommended for fabric as it may cause gradual lightening and can remove dyes from fabrics.

Pipe Burst

PREVENT WINTER PIPE BURST!! When the cold weather arrives, that is not the time to worry about your heating bill. TURN UP THE THERMOSTAT!! A pipe burst can potentially lead to severe water damage.

Water Damaged Carpet

This wet carpet was the result of a backed-up sewage. The sewage water soaked up the carpet and carpet pad as well. This is a category 3 water damage and therefore the carpet and carpet pad needed to be removed and disposed. Being that this significate water damage is identified as cat. 3, it is dangerous to keep anything that was effected by it.

Toilet Back-up Water Damage

Here is a picture of a flooded bathroom due to a toilet back-up. The first step taken for this restorations process is to extract all standing water and drying all wet contents to prevent mold growth.

Stackable Cam Pro Air Mover 803

The Stackable Cam Pro Air Mover is used for maximizing the airflow in your drying chamber. High static pressure is ideal for walls, hard surfaces and floating carpet. This air mover uses a 1/3 horsepower motor to drive a centrifugal blower and is ideal for restoration use.

HydraPort 400

The name of this piece of equipment is HydraPort 400 and it is used to extract large or small portions of moisture. The HydraPort 400 also delivers adjustable pressure and heated solution to the wand for cleaning of carpets and upholstery.