Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Garage in New Rochelle, NY

This flooded garage was the result of a heavy rain storm in New Rochelle, NY. The garage was flooded by an overflowing nearby lake. There was about 3 inches of ... READ MORE

Damaged Contents Due To Storm in New Rochelle, NY

As storm is and unexpected disaster, this family experienced damage to their home's contents. The damages that were affected include furniture, children toys, e... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Queens, NY

A house in Queens, NY was severely damaged by a storm disaster causing the roof to collapse inside of the home. Due to strong heavy rain and a hole on the roof,... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Law Office in The Bronx, NY

This local Law Office in The Bronx, NY encounter a minor storm disaster. The office was located on ground level, therefore the rain water from the storm was abl... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Queens, NY

Here is a picture of a home that was damaged by severe weather in Queens, NY. This storm was able to damage the ceiling of this home as it had a significant amo... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Clinical Facility

Due to a heavy storm, this clinical facility in The Bronx endured 2 inches on water. The water was able to come in through a crack on the wall of the window sil... READ MORE