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Why Calling a Certified Mold Damage Remediation Company in the Bronx is Key to Success

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

mold damaged wall Don't let a mold infestation frighten you! Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

Mold Damage Pushes Panic Buttons in the Bronx -- Why SERVPRO Stays Up to Date on Remediation Strategies

Perhaps no other household mishap worries residents of the Bronx more than mold growth. Dealing with the rapidly multiplying organisms can feel overwhelming, and fears, deserved or not, of health concerns are why we pledge to be available to homeowners with mold questions as soon as practical. We adhere to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols when remediating mold infestations, following research-based strategies that remove the current mold growth and limit a rebound effect.

Moisture Management is the Key to Mold Abatement

Mold damage in the Bronx as everywhere requires a water source to feed the fungi. Mold spores are everywhere, settled on surfaces, nestled into cracks, seams, and crevices, and floating in the air. Only when a spore absorbs water does the life cycle begin, within 24 to 48 hours after a spill or leak goes unaddressed. The spore-mold growth connection is why we seek out an unresolved water loss or even high humidity levels in your home before removing the colonies. If we do not help you resolve the water issue, mold growth recurs.

Containment Protects Occupants and Prevents Drift

Spores are tiny, actually invisible to the naked eye. Large quantities of spores are produced as colonies grow, and they expose susceptible individuals to irritation and allergic reactions. They also are the genesis of new colonies if they move on air currents and find additional moisture. Limiting both of these undesirable outcomes is why SERVPRO creates containment partitions before proceeding to the removal of moldy materials. Heavy plastic taped to doorways prevents drift, and the use of negative pressure air scrubbers seals the edges for the duration of the remediation. HEPA filters capture airborne spores and debris, and contaminated air vents outside. Our technicians don personal protective equipment (PPE) for safety and to minimize tracking mold debris through your home.

Mechanical Removal Techniques

Mere broadcast spraying of disinfectants is inadequate as a complete mold remediation method. Brushing and scraping mold colonies off solid surfaces is the preferred and best practice. Porous materials are sometimes irreparably damaged and must be discarded as hazardous waste. Innovations in mold remediation are a reason why SERVPRO sends our technicians to continuing certification. We offer licensed technicians as indicated by these: General Contractor License #: 2077660-DCA and Mold Remediation Contractor License #: 01295. We have succeeded in saving some porous materials through the use of gentle abrasive techniques like soda blasting, removing surface growth, and incapacitating the hyphae or roots of the organisms.

Training, experience, and the right equipment are why SERVPRO of South Bronx consistently remediates mold damage. At the first hint of mold growth, call (347) 590-9902 for assistance.

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